Tao1Life because it (LIFE) is all connected! 

Tao1Life Wellness & Bodywork approach and practice. Is grounded in Eastern methodologies for wellness and self-care.  We offer head to toe body work for your family throughout the year. Come in and get your GIFT of Health and wellness. 

Tao1Life Wellness & Bodywork approach the body and mind with the understanding that everything is connected.  We help people put their health and wellness first!

Tao in short means everything. Wellness and health are both dependent on internal and external forces and internalized traumas. Let Tao1life help you get your body and mind back on track.  Because everything is Connected! 

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About Born

Born Bi-Kim (pronounced bye-kim) of Tao1Life (T1L) Wellness & Bodywork is a wellness professional/formally trained in both eastern and western healing modalities as well as plant based eating.